Time gives, and Time takes Time excites and Time disappoints Time passes, but Time never rewinds Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.

Only Change is Certain.

I will challenge like taurus The background music is irrelevant I won't follow the repetitive chorus I'll walk away, I can't remain hesitant   If I fall, I'll wait, and heal Just like the wounds we all suffer. Let my audacity finally reveal Like the sentiment of somebody's lover.

Random thoughts

  A fault in us Is a glitch. A glitch in us Is a dream? ( Think I'll read some books about dreams next, and if you guys are interested in dreams then " The Dreamers: A Novel" by Karen Thompson Walker, is a nice fiction novel I heard about that's good!)

Path of Enlightenment.

Walk slowly, burdenless. Keep faith, take it in. The redolence of this world. As it consumes you, feel free. Find your reason and welcome it. An unfound treasure that fuels your contentment. -RISHA

Bird Box – Movie Review

You know a movie is pretty good when you can actually feel what the character is feeling. That's what I felt watching this movie. Although it has an average rating on Rotten Tomatoes and even through word of mouth, for me, it was a very captivating movie. There are very rare times when a movie... Continue Reading →

State of Oblivion – A poem

I cannot run, And I cannot hide Everytime I try, It still eats me up inside. It can slyly whisper, Or it can simply scream It's part of cruel reality, Not a direful dream. Always so resilient, Why does it never give up I look into the mirror, It's merciless effects I see close up.... Continue Reading →

Humanity – A Short Poem.

The flowers wither with the heart. The Sun hides behind the mask. The clouds cry with the pain. The wind whispers the lost promises. The oceans hold hands in fear. Of humanity's careless reign. -Risha

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